I’ve become one of them…

Let me just get to the point! I have become that person with a website that doesn’t update it. I hate that. What is the point of having a site, if you don’t use it? Makes no sense. So in light of recognizing that I have become someone I do not like, I have committed to making a change. This is big. Seriously!

While I may be a writer, I am not a “blogger.” And when I think of updating my page I thing of blogging. I honestly do not have that much to say. I want to stay connected, I want to keep people informed, but sometimes I have nothing to say. Sometimes, what I have to say is hard to write and I shy away. Sometimes, I am just being lazy. Today, I am calling myself on the carpet. I shall share more.

I may not always have important things to share. But, in order to be better at updating my page and staying connected, I will share more often. I’m setting a goal of monthly, but I’d like to eventually move up to weekly. Baby steps first.

There are only 2 more days left of February. This is my monthly post. Good stuff, huh? Kidding!

Feel free to keep me honest. I’m going to need it!


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